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Our Team

Andrea Guttenberger

Landscape planning and design


Diploma Landscape Architecture Gottfried-Wilhelm-Leibniz

University, 2011

Master Landscape Architecture and Planning University of

Bodenkultur, 2015


Areas of work:
Nature conservation projectsm, Landscape Planning,

Landscape Architecture, GIS, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign

and CAD


Didier Vancutsem

Office management

Diploma Landscape Architecture Brussels 1985,

Diploma Urban Planning Brussels 1988,

Continuing Education Landscape Architecture / Urban Planning Munich 1990-1994

PHD Candidate

Professional experience in Africa, Asia and Europe: Belgium, Netherlands, France, Great Britain, Portugal, Germany, and Switzerland.


Areas of work:
Regional development and cooperation, urban development and urban development, cultural and urban landscape, environmental planning, green and object planning, recreation planning, international cooperation with universities, research on urban and regional development and cultural landscape, communication.



Eliza Salman

Landscape planning and design

Bachelor in Architect Jordan University of Science

and Technology, Architecture and Design, 2014
Master Landscape Architecture HSWT Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University "International Master of Landscape Architecture". 2019

Master Candidate in Sustainable Resource Management - Technical University in Munich



Areas of work:
Landscape Planning, Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, Research, CAD, Adobe CS and GIS

Office: Meet the Team

Our Cooperation Partners

Complex tasks require collaboratioon and expertise from different areas. our project partners:

DRAGOMIR Stadtplanung GmbH, Munich

Prof. Peter Zlonicky, Urban Planning and Urban Research, Munich
Feddersen & Klostermann urban planning architecture landscape, Zurich
Maync Architects, Munich
Fundacíon Metropoli, Madrid
Office Lang + Burkhardt, Munich
STRATEC sa, Brussels
Sabine Wirsing Design, Munich


Nicholas You

Nicholas You is a veteran urban specialist and thought leader. He served as the senior policy advisor to UN-Habitat and the manager of the Habitat II Conference (Istanbul 1996).

He is the founder and honorary chairman of the UN-Habitat World Urban Campaign Steering Committee, immediate former chairman of the Assurance Group for Urban Infrastructure of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, immediate former co-President of the Global Cities Business Alliance, and is currently the Chair of the Urban Strategy and Innovation Council for ENGIE.

He is a board member of Citiscope, the Huairou Commission, the Joslyn Institute for Sustainable Communities, the Guangzhou Institute for Urban Innovation, and an adjunct to the Centre for Liveable Cities, Singapore.

He regularly advises central and local governments, technology companies and civil society organisations on strategic planning, urban governance, urban innovation and urban sustainability.

Nicholas you.jpg
Office: Text

Former Employees

Fernando Montaño

Dipl. Architect Universidad Nacional de Colombia (Colombia), Architecture and Urban Planning,

Masters in Landscape Architecture HSWT Weihenstephan-Triesdorf "International Master of Landscape Architecture"

Areas of work:
Concepts, urban development design, landscape visualization, communication

Yasaman Ramini

Bachelor Architectural Engineering, Hafer Higher Education Shiraz (Iran)

Masters in Landscape Architecture HSWT Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University "International Master of Landscape Architecture"

Areas of work:
Architectural concepts, innovative open space conceptions

Sylvi Mauersberger

Dipl. Ing. Landscape planning TU Dresden, Ecologist

Areas of work:
Ecology, mapping, detailed planning

Lars Uellendahl - Vredana Zalac

Landscape Architecture FH Nürtingen, Master International Landscape Architecture Hochschule Weihenstephan Triesdorf

Areas of work:
Urban planning, green planning, integrated concepts and design

Marion Bader

Landscape Architecture TU Munich

Areas of work:
landscape planning

Lena Flegiel

Landscape Architecture FH Munich-Weihenstephan


Areas of work:
Open space planning, landscape planning

Office: Clients
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