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Bamberg Landscape Plan - Germany


Project team: Dipl. Ing. Didier Vancutsem, Fernando Moreño, Eliza Salman

Area: 5,462 Ha

Costs: 250.000 EUR

The valid landscape plan of 1998 of the city of Bamberg is currently being redeveloped, together
with the land use plan. Planning work started in 2017. The Old Town of Bamberg is the largest preserved historic city center in Germany and since 1993 registered as a World Heritage Site in the list of UNESCO, therefore play cultural landscape elements, visual relationships and nature budget in the new landscape plan a special role. Active involvement of the population with workshops, "Bamberger Dialogue", administrative workshops and steering circles are also part of the process.

Heimstettener See - Landscape Redesign - Germany


Project team: Dipl. Ing Didier Vancutsem, Dipl. Arch Eliza Salman

Area: 11,5 Ha

Costs: 800.000 EUR

The existing recreation area in the Eastern part of Munich region does exist since 1969 and official site of the Erholungsflächenverein München. It is a very well integrated and connected green area between the three municipalities of Ascheim, Kirchheim and Feldkirchen.

A redesign of the lake, together with green surfaces and infrastructures has just started

Shangye Masterplan - China

September 2019

Project team: Dipl. Ing Didier Vancutsem, Dipl Arch Eliza Salman, in cooperation with DRAGOMIR Stadtplanung GmbH

Area: 250 Ha

Costs: 60.000 EUR

04 Landuse_ForestsAgriculture_edited.jpg
Lechtal_A96 Kooperationsraum MLT Nahvers

Farchant Land Use and Landscape Plan - Germany

2002 - 2004

Preliminary urban planning studies, landscape plan and landuse plan

Team: Dipl.-Ing. D. Vancutsem, L7 Planer+Architekten

Client: Farchant Municipality, Garmisch-Partenkirchen district

Murcia region - Regional development strategy

2007 - 2008

Regional Development Concept, Programa Territorios Intelligent

Team: Dipl.-Ing. D.Vancutsem Fundacion Metropoli, Lars Uellendahl

Client: Gobierno de la Región de Murcia - Consejeria de Desarrollo Sostenible y Ordenación del Territorio

Lechtal A96 - Regional Strategy

2008 - 2011

Strategy and development Concept

Team: Architect/Urban Planner/ Landscape Architect: Planungsverband Äußerer Wirtschafts- raum München auweck GmbH München, Vancutsem Stadtplaner Landschaftsarchitekten München

Client: Buchloe, Igling, Kaufering, Landsberg am Lech Penzing, Hurlach, Jengen, Lamerdingen, Pürgen, Schwifting, Unterdießen, Waal, Weil


North of Munich - Cultural landscape Regional Concept

2004 - 2005

Cultural-landscape mission statement for the north of Munich

Team: Urban Planner: Dipl.-Ing. D. Vancutsem. Planning Association: LMU Munich

Client: Städte LH München, Dachau, Freising, Garching, Unterschleißheim, Gemein- den Haimhausen, Oberschleißheim, Karlsfeld, Ismaning, Unterföhring.

Neustadt Coburg - City Centre New Design

Planing 2015-2017, Realisation 2018

Architectural Competition and Realisation

Team: Khy Huy, Didier Vancutsem im Büro Rainer Schmidt München

Client: Stadt Neustadt bei Coburg

Area: 0.5 Ha

Cost: 2 Mio EUR

Redesign of the main square of the city Neustadt bei Coburg; Contest participation, competition win and invitation to realization.

Elements of the redesign: traffic calming of the course, large water surface, space for large events.

Hendourabi Island, Iran - Landscape Structure Concept

Planing 2015-2017, Realisation 2019

Team: Leslie Iturra, Didier Vancutsem im Büro Rainer Schmidt München

Client: Hendurabi Investment Group

Area: 2000 Ha

Cost: 1 Mio EUR

Overall concept for the island, master plan, details, driveways, recreation areas, beaches.


Dachau Kanalsystem - Landscape and Renewal studies

Planing 2015-2017, Realisation 2019

Although the sewer system is still functional, the water level is very low in sections, individual sections of the canal, especially on the Schleißheimer Channel, are even left open and filled. Especially in the eastern Dachau moss the canals are unsightly over long distances and urgently need to be renewed or even restored.

Samara - Russia - Regional Masterplan


Integrated regional development concept for the city region.

The regional development strategy for the Samara-Togliatti region, Russia, has been integrated into the large-scale current regional policy of Russia. The strategy proposes a polycentric development based on a strong landscape structure.

Regional Administration Samara Togliatti, Samara city
City planner / landscape architect Dipl.-Ing. D. Vancutsem (Leader) KCAP Nederland, MLab Italy, Schmeler, Polis Perm

Heimkirchen - urban preparatory studies


Preliminary urban investigations

Team: Dipl.-Ing.Vancutsem Auweck+Partner GmbH

Client: Marktgemeinde Heimenkirch


Landshut Land Use and Landscape Plan


Preliminary study development concept and landuse plan

Team: Architekt / Stadtplaner: Dipl.-Ing. D. Vancutsem Prof. Peter Zlonicky. Landschaftsarchitekt: Prof. Hermann Brenner. Verkehrsplaner: Prof. Hansjörg Lang.

Client: City of LAndshut (Bavaria)

Area: 5,000 ha

Between Würm and Isar

1991 - 2001

Overall concept of a recreational landscape north of Munich

Team: Dipl. -Ing. D.Vancutsem


Verein Erholungsgebiete Planungsverband Äußerer Wirtschafts- raum

Verein Dachauer Moos, Heideflächen- verein

The recreational landscape between Würm and Isar is characterized by great diversity: river meadows, moorland and heathland, farmland and meadows, forests and riparian forests, with parks and avenues (Schloß Schleißheim) along streets and canals.

The concept proposes to see the area as a whole and to improve its damage, avert new damage, preserve existing values and create new values.

Bayrischzell - Germany


Preliminary urban investigations


Architekt / City planner: Prof. Helmut Gebhard

Landscape Architect: Dipl.-Ing. D. Vancutsem in Zusammenarbeit mit W. Blender- mann

Traffic planner: Prof. Hansjörg Lang

Client: Gemeinde Bayrischzell


Stadt Olten


Urban design ideas competition

Team: Architect/Urban planner: Prof. Peter Zlonicky, Landscape architect: Dipl.-Ing. D. Vancutsem, Traffic planner: Prof. Hansjörg Lang

Client: Stadt Olten

Area: 20 ha

North of Zurich

1997 - 2000

Team: Büro Feddersen & Klostermann Dipl.-Ing. D.Vancutsem

Client: Stadtplanungsamt Zürich / Region

Area: 80 km2

Between the city of Zurich and Kloten Airport, a cityscape is created without orientation and structure.

The vision developed provides a framework for the future development of the area in coordination with the Urban Planning Office Zurich and the neighboring communities.

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